Hannah's House | Supervised Home and Visitation Center

A safe place where children should be seen and not hurt.

A safe place for children.

 A Safe Place for Children

Hannah’s House staff and volunteers are here to make families feel welcome, safe and comfortable.  They are also here to ensure that procedures and guidelines are followed.  Staff will answer questions and provide guidance when necessary.  They observe and document all services that are provided.  This information is sometimes provided to the family’s social worker, therapist/ counselor or the court.

Staff will not intrude into the family’s activity unless rules & guidelines are not being followed and/ or there is a safety or comfort concern.


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What is Hannah's House?

Hannah's House  provides a neutral, safe, home-like setting in which to nurture the bonds between parents and children without fear.  

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Hannah’s House is a non-profit organization therefore very dependant on donations and volunteers.

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